Book 21:
Linear socketable LED modules for SELV applications

Book 21 defines a cost-effective mechanical and electrical interface for toolless replaceable linear LED modules, enabling plug and play interoperability and supporting #circular economy.
These LED modules are max 20mm wide and have lengths of 1,2 and 4 feet. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting applications. The products are intended to be installed and exchanged by non-professionals and professionals.

Book 21 defines an industry standard that allows a vendor independent replaceability of linear LED modules available in different performances and features as defined by the module supplier. For the luminaire manufacturer, this guarantees a maximum flexibility in product choice for differentiation and innovation and it eases production process by late stage configuration.
In the field, Book 21 enables serviceability of luminaires through easy exchange of LED modules.

The LED Modules feature contact areas which fit in corresponding contact-making holders of the luminaire and mounting areas that allow for a service-friendly mechanical fixation in the luminaire.
To avoid one or more discrete connectors soldered on the LED module, the Zhaga Book 21 specifies contact pads on the LED module that serve for an electrically safe connection between the LED module and a LED driver in the luminaire. The module design is made in such a way that seamless lighting lines can be supported without dark areas at the LED module’s ends.


Work in progress


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