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 About Zhaga: Introducing Zhaga Consortium


The Zhaga Story

Launched in 2010, Zhaga is an open, global lighting-industry consortium with a mission to standardize the interfaces of components of LED luminaires, including:

  • LED light engines
  • LED modules

  • LED arrays

  • Holders

  • Electronic control gear (LED drivers)

  • Connectors
  • Sensing/communication modules

In doing so, we aim to eliminate unnecessary interface variations, provide proper separation of concerns, and facilitate intra- and cross-industry collaboration.

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A Simple Idea

In the early days of the light bulb, industry players quickly realized that having socket-interfaces in all forms and sizes imaginable would be a nuisance to manufacturers and consumers alike. So, bulb manufacturers and fixture designers collaborated to create a limited number of well-defined sockets that benefited the entire supply chain – including the end user.

Zhaga applies this same approach to the LED era.

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From Interchangeability to Interoperability

Zhaga’s initial focus was on the interchangeability of LED components. However, to better address all electrical components and interfaces, including such smart components as sensors and communication modules, in 2018 we shifted our focus towards interoperability (see New Zhaga Consortium Agreement).

Interoperability represents a step up over interchangeability, one that requires all aspects of the interface – from the mechanical to upgrading and servicing LED luminaires – be considered.


The Books of Zhaga

Zhaga Interface Specifications, known as Books, define the necessary conditions for interoperability. By assuring manufacturers that the components addressed in the Book actually fit and work together, they can focus their resources on differentiation and innovation.

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Actively Engaged

Zhaga and its members are actively engaged in developing new specifications for different product types, updating existing Books, participating in industry events, publishing articles, and sharing best practices.


Books by Applications

Book overview 20200921

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Our Members

Zhaga is an industry-wide collaboration between companies from across the globe. Our members include luminaire manufacturers, LED module makers, suppliers of materials and components, and testing labs.

Membership is open to any company willing to work towards achieving Zhaga's vision and mission. Our members share their technical expertise in an open and cooperative manner. The consortium is market-oriented and always works in the best interest of lighting-industry stakeholders.

Zhaga offers its members a certification program that validates interoperability conditions that have been met. Any product that passes the test may use either the Zhaga or the Zhaga-D4i logo, both of which are registered trademarks of the Zhaga Consortium.

The Zhaga Code of Conduct sets guidelines and provides members with general advice relating to competition/anti-trust law. All activities and discussions of Zhaga, its task forces, and working groups are to be conducted under the consortium’s approved policies and must comply with our anti-trust guidelines.

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Heinrich Thye

“Welcome to Zhaga! As the Consortium’s Secretary General, I look forward to answering your questions about our mission, our ongoing work and our successes. Please contact me at any time.”

Heinrich Thye
Secretary General


Zhaga Members

Members include luminaire manufacturers, LED module makers, suppliers of materials and components, and testing labs. See all

Zhaga Services

Zhaga certifies products that are compliant with one of the Zhaga interface specifications (Books). These are the only products eligible to carry the Zhaga logo. View the full database, or see images. See all

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