Book 13:
LED Drivers

Zhaga Book 13 defines the interface specifications of LED drivers (also known as electronic control gear, or ECG) that can be used in combination with a wide range of non-integrated LED modules. 


In June 2017, Zhaga published a significantly updated version (Edition 2.0) of Book 13. This reduces complexity in the market by having significantly fewer mechanical form-factors than the earlier version. Overall, Edition 2.0 features only 27 categories, compared with 78 in Edition 1.0.


Also, Book 13 now addresses the electrical interface between LED drivers and LED modules, which is critical in determining whether components are interoperable.


For the module-driver electrical interface, Zhaga has chosen to reference specifications from MD-SIG, a global industry consortium. Where drivers and modules are compliant with the LEDset Power Interface specification from MD-SIG, this allows a meaningful comparison of product data to see if the driver-module combination is a viable option.